9 Reasons why English Prep Schools should be using Facebook Ads in 2018

By Simon Ridgwell

1. You can reach an extensive & engaged audience of parents

Your customers use Facebook or Instagram every day. Combined, they are by far the most popular social networks and Facebook ads allow you to reach the audience of both. Facebook also own WhatsApp which will also soon allow ads. Facebook also accounts for 41.2% of referral traffic. That’s more than Google.

2. You can reach exactly the right audience

Facebook’s ad platform allows you to drill down to a very specific type of audience based on location, income, number of children, interests and hundreds of other combinations. When used correctly, you can combine these demographics to hit exactly your type of customer.

3. You can reach those people more than once

Once you have found your audience, you can then retarget them. Whether they have seen your advert or visited your website, facebook allows you to retarget those individuals with a new, more focused advert.

4. You can start small and scale slowly

There is no minimum spend with facebook so you can start small and work out what works. Develop five different ads and spend £10 on each, the ad platform will tell you which is the best performer so you can delete the others and reallocate the budget to the most effective advert.

5. Facebook will help work out what is working and what isn’t

Facebook has a split test feature which will test one variable so you have real data to tell you what works and what doesn’t. Facebook also provides insights to provide data at a granular level never seen before by any advertising platform.

6. The time you invest will pay you back in dividends

The Facebook Power Editor is an incredibly versatile system that is without doubt more powerful than any form of advertising. There is a reason why so many companies are switching their advertising budget to use it. But it takes time to understand how to get the most out of it. The more time you spend, the more effective your ad spend will be.

7. You can target your ads based on the time of day.

This is of particular relevance to Prep Schools as many parents commute. That means you know what time they will be on their way to and from work every day with some time to kill. That could be the ideal time to focus your ad campaign.

8. Great photography is a must

A great photo can make all the difference to the success of your advert. Invest in professional photography and know the various image sizes that can be used on facebook. Select a few of your favourites and then test to work out which is the most effective.

9. The organic reach will get less and less

Facebook is a business and they are funded by advertising. It’s no surprise then that they are prioritising ad traffic over organic content. That means your non paid for content is going to reach less and less people as more businesses like yours realise the power of facebook ads.

But be careful…

Facebook Ads are incredibly powerful but it’s easy to get it wrong and waste your budget on ineffective campaigns.

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